Are you looking to take your business to new heights in 2017?

Whether you’re looking to generate more qualified leads, develop a sound marketing & sales plan, or modify your website to improve your conversion rate…I’m here to help.

You may be wondering who I am and what value I can bring to your business.

My name is David Brim and I am a marketing consultant and CEO of Brand Advance, a creative marketing agency located in Central Florida.

  • In 2007/08 I worked at IZEA and helped top brands such as Kmart, Sears, SeaWorld, British Airways and others leverage online influencers to grow their awareness.
  • In 2009 I started my marketing agency Brand Advance and have successfully completed hundreds of projects related branding, web design, lead generation, and much more.
  • Over the last 7 years I have helped over 1,000 businesses effectively develop their digital marketing strategy.
  • In 2010 I was awarded a contract as the lead digital marketing consultant for the State of Florida funded Economic Gardening Program “GrowFL”.
  • In 2013 I published my book Land More Customers from Online Marketing, which hit #13 on the Amazon Best Seller List within the SEO category.
  • I’ve demonstrated substantial results for online lead generation within as little as one day. Literally!Check out these results after 1 day of modifying a client companies Adwords account. Click through rate was up 15X, Cost per Click is down from $5.73 to $.78. This particular example generated it’s first lead on Day 1 at a cost of $42.96. The client was not previously tracking their conversions and had no idea how much they were wasting in Adwords.

Or how about these results for a private mortgage company. Over the course of a few months their cost per conversion (lead) was $35.15. The website that we built was converting traffic at over 17%!

We generated 254 form leads and dozens of unique phone calls!


I take a very quantitative and ROI driven approach to marketing and am excited to make an impact on your business.

Brand Advance, my marketing agency delivers remarkable results in the areas of branding, website development,  sales collateral, and more.

I am offering a free consultation to the first 5 companies with 5 or more employees looking to grow their business through online marketing.

Simply fill out the form below and I’ll reach out to arrange a time for a consultation.

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