A Must Read for Any Entrepreneur & Their Valentine

Having a relationship as an entrepreneur can be a challenge. Most people think becoming a business owner means tons of money and lots of freedom to do whatever you want – whenever you want…after all you are the boss right? Though being a business owner can lead to those things, the truth is that a start-up business is very much like a child. It requires attention and nourishment to grow. If your business is in need and crying you need to attend to it. If your business is growing you need to be there to help it overcome growing pains. If your business is going great you need to be aware of outside factors that could influence the business and take it down the wrong path as well as lead it in the right direction to reach it’s potential. I’m not a father yet, but it does seem to me that this is very much like parenting.

Lindsay and David Brim
Lindsay and David Brim. Valentines day 2013

It takes a special person to understand this and choose to be with an entrepreneur. I’m thankful that I’ve found that person. I started dating my girlfriend, now wife in 2005. I started my first company in 2006. Lindsay has been through my whole entrepreneurial journey and we’ve experienced the roller coaster ride that start-ups / entrepreneurship can take you on.

In 2009 she wrote a great guest post entitled 10 Things an Entrepreneur’s Valentine Should Know.

Lindsay grasps what being with an entrepreneur is like and I am continually learning how to improve the balance of being an entrepreneur and having a successful relationship.

Last month I came across a great book to assist with this process entitled: Startup Life: Surviving and Thriving in a Relationship with an Entrepreneur.

The book was written by Brad Feld, a serial entrepreneur and tech investor, and his wife Amy Batchelor.

I highly suggest any entrepreneur, or significant other of an entrepreneur read it.

Start up life

What I love about this book is that Brad & Amy have been through what we have experienced, are experiencing and so much more. I can relate to many of the stories that are shared and am thankful to be educated on what may lie ahead. Through this book they share practical advice and unfiltered real life insights that are extremely relevant to helping my wife and I live a fulfilled and balanced life. I also appreciate this book because it gives perspectives from both the entrepreneur and the significant other of the entrepreneur. This book therefore is a helpful resource for not only myself, but my wife as well. As a husband you want your wife to be happy….as an entrepreneur you want your business to be successful. This book helps significant others of entrepreneurs better support them throughout their entrepreneurial journey and helps entrepreneurs stay aware of how to optimize their relationship and life so that they can have their “entrepreneurial cake” and eat it too…with the person they love.

I give this book two thumbs up!!!

Happy Valentines day everyone!

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  1. Wonderful to read others are in the same boat! I’m writing a book on our 5.5yr experience to success. My long-term partner is a serial entrepreneur who built the system thousands of others are using (it’s about to fully launch here soon!) These years have been one wild ride, that’s for certain. Where can I get a copy of the book? I’d like to take a read. I’m sure there will be many similarities. I think a lot of partners of entrepreneurs need a better support system. Family, friends and co-workers of the woman don’t understand what being a true LIFE PARTNER means. Again, thanks for the blog. It’s a great feeling knowing there are other young couples out there who have gone through the same things!

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