A speedy example of the power of team work

When highly capable team members know their roles, share a common goal and come together, great things can happen. Earlier this week a very successful mentor of mine shared this video with me.

In the video you’ll notice proper preparation, no confusion of responsibilities and great synergy from the Ferrari racing team during a pit stop.

What a wonderful example of the power of team work!

The ability to maneuver so cohesively and quickly while maintaining such a high level of quality is very impressive. There is a lot that can be learned from the Ferrari team. One lesson that the Ferrari team reinforces is that: Developing quality processes, having the right team members in the right spots and ensuring that communication is efficient as well as effective will “drive” high octane results.


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  1. Wow – I had to watch that about 10 times to see what everyone was doing! Three guys per wheel (1 bolting / unbolting, 1 taking away the old tire, 1 pushing the next on to put on), two on each side at the driver, two more at the front adjusting the wings, jack men front and back with backup at the back and a guy holding a fire extinguisher just in case. Brilliant…

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