GroupTable’s Most Recent Article

I was just glancing at GroupTable’s stats and noticed a decent amount of traffic was going to GroupTable from UCF’s website. I explored the issue further and sure enough noticed they posted an article about our recent promotion. You can see the article here: UCF GroupTable Article

Overall the article was not bad, however it still seems that the writers don’t quite get exactly what we do. GroupTable is a collaborative software that is tailored to fit the needs of student group projects, study groups and organizations. It facilitates group collaboration, communication and organization and helps them to work more efficiently.

The article says that we are a student networking and document sharing site. Though students can network somewhat through GroupTable we are not what I would call a networking site. In addition to that sharing documents is only one aspect of our site. We also offer task management, online chat, discussion boards, file organization and more.

We are in the midst of enhancing GroupTable even more for the fall semester…Stay tuned!

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