Ideas Versus Implementation

So many people have ideas for ventures they feel would succeed.  They keep these ideas in the back of their mind and think that one day they may find the time or money to actually launch it.  This will rarely ever happen….Great things may come to those who wait, but are left over from those who hustle. 

It’s all based on risk and return.  If you are involved in a venture that needs full attention to succeed it’s ok to put other ideas on the back burner.  However, I feel that just as a successful student may take 5 classes at a time and be able to get good grades in all of them, if you delegate your time and resources properly you can do, and succeed, in multiple ventures at a time.  Again if you are involved in a venture that needs your full attention to succeed and feel the return will be worth it, by all means that venture should have nearly all of your energy.  However if it doesn’t and you can put people or resources in place to make something happen….why not?

Diversification is key to obtaining wealth (Any investor worth their commission, or degree would tell you the same).  If you have your hands in a bunch of different endeavors and have proper people in place to help them grow, your likely hood for success & wealth rises immensely.

I can’t tell you how many times that I had an idea that I thought would do great and then someone else launches it.  I take it as a compliment, however compliments won’t put dollars in your bank account.  Ideas are really nothing until they’re implimented.

If you have an idea that you feel could be a success and don’t already have your hands in too much, what are you waiting for?  You don’t want to be that guy (or girl) that says “Hey….I had that idea” after a million dollar company is born.

There are ways to fund or grow a company with slim to no budget.

Make it happen!

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  1. I agree with you whole heartedly on this issue Dave. Many people in today’s society come up with phenomenal ideas and ventures set out to create a success or win. The problem that alot of people face is having that idea and implementing “ACTION”. There are plenty of “ideas” but with no action, its just another thought. My mentor always states that “Knowledge is not power, it’s only power when you use it and put it to work!” Alot of people create excuses and reasons why things won’t work. Leaders and people who want to be successful and have the drive will find a solution. It’s about not giving up! Success only comes by trial and error. You must fail a few times in order to succeed. One final thought, How big is your dream and how bad do you want it?

  2. Very good thoughts Jamal. One of my favorite quotes is “The cost of inaction is often greater than the risk of action.” Once a person is able to get the ball moving doors will open, contacts will be met and good things will happen.

    I recommend standing on the shoulders of giants. If your able to find a great mentor who has industry experience they can introduce you to the right people and help you not make the same mistakes they have. Seems like you have found that in your mentor.

    Though there are a lot of challenges in launching a start-up(s) as long as you don’t get discouraged your business will either succeed or you’ll be able to take the connections and knowledge you’ve gained and apply to a future venture…Definitely a success in my book.

    In regards to my dreams….

    I want to have started and sold several companies by the time I’m 30 then be able to be an angel investor, consultant, business adviser, life long learner and entrepreneur all while having a great family life.

    How bad do I want it….Enough to dedicate myself everyday to bring it to existence.

    Thanks for commenting

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