When to hire internally versus use a marketing agency

Robert Urban, Chief Marketing Officer of Brand Advance, recently wrote an awesome white paper giving suggestions on when it makes more sense for a company to train an existing employee, hire a new employee, or to utilize the services of a marketing agency for various marketing initiatives.

Here’s the link to download the white paper: http://bit.ly/cdYzO3

It’s well worth reading!

Here’s a teaser….

Robert Urban
Robert Urban, Chief Marketing Officer of Brand Advance

In today’s economic climate, businesses have streamlined their personnel. As a result, many of these businesses face challenges beyond their employees’ expertise, knowledge, or tools available. Marketing is a key component in any business’s success and if your business isn’t equipped with the right tools and know-how, what do you do?

You could hire additional employees to conquer the challenges you face or you could train your present staff in the skills needed, thus inundating them with even more pressure. Or you can hire outside help through the use of an agency that is specifically geared toward helping you achieve your marketing goals.

Of course, there is no single right answer for every business as they are all unique and share different goals, objectives, challenges, and resources. Your solution is specific to your business and situation, but there are best practices and guidelines that can serve as a solid foundation when making this decision.

Download the full white paper here: http://bit.ly/cdYzO3

What do you do when you don’t have the necessary skills to accomplish your marketing objectives? Do you hire an agency, bring on a team member, or teach yourself? Why?

Feel free to share your thoughts below

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  1. As a company you should definitely analyze very carefully and try to make the appropriate decision that is right for your company. You can’t be guaranteed to make the right decision, but as Robert says make sure it meets the goal that you are seeking out.

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  2. I put my vote for internat recruting, mainly because of the cost advantages and that the recruitment will be undertaken by someone who understands the companies needs and requirements. Althugh I do understand the drawbacks especially an internal approach can restrict innovation and ideas leading a stagnant recruitment process. Ideally they inhouse recruiter must be open and actively seek new methods of recruitment.

  3. I place my vote for internat recruting, primarily as a result of the cost advantages and that the recruitment will probably be undertaken by somebody who understands the firms needs and demands.

  4. I set my vote for internat recruting, generally because of the expense rewards and that the recruitment will likely be undertaken by a person who understands the businesses needs and requirements.

  5. Thanks for the comment Arik. I think if agency leadership doesn’t make an effort to understand their budding thought leaders and how both individual goals and agency goals can be met through a common vision, then it’s inevitable that the agency will lose that talent.

  6. I agree with you that if your present employee aren’t capable to get desired position, you should hire new capable employee, or hire for training to old employee. Asked them to catch full knowledge of that tool by trainer………….

  7. online travel sites r better than travel agents as they seem to be rushing you so much although they can get you special meals & possibly secure a good seat.

  8. I think if agency leadership doesn’t make an effort to understand their budding thought leaders and how both individual goals and agency goals can be met through a common vision.

  9. A completely different conversation and should also be thought about, is the use of SharePoint versus document management systems like documentum or document locator. I never believe that there is a universal solution. A good solution depends on the problem it solves.

  10. However, if you are a small business and are really looking to cut costs by doing your marketing and promotion activities internally, then you can start by hiring one marketing manager and perhaps one corporate communications executive.

  11. I work internally and handle all the work that would normally handled by an agency. I suppose the real question is how much money do you have to spend. I would say that my salary is 1/5 of what the same work would have costed externally. Not to mention that we would still have needed to employ someone to liase with the agency and project manage. Agencies can charge a lot of money for just being an agency. Sometimes the only real advantage and value you get back is the free coffee and pretty boardroom you get to sit it. I also find that your work is also often handed down to an inexperienced artworker to reduce the agencies costs. This can result in terrible quality and attention to detail. Sometimes you don’t always get what you pay for.

  12. I totally agree! That’s why in our company we just don’t let our employees go and don’t work for us anymore because it’s really hard to find a new person to do his/her job that has an experience.. It’s pain in the ass that you will train a new one, and will take sometime for him/her to learn how it works..

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