AT&T Launches Small Biz Tech Makeover Contest

Do you have a small business or idea for a startup?  I own and operate a small business and also launched a start up venture last year with my business partners called GroupTable.  Let me tell you from first hand experience that growing a small business, especially a technology venture in the current economic climate can be very challenging.  You have server costs, marketing costs, and competition that may arise from anywhere.  It is very important that you are on top of things and have the resources to enable your venture to succeed.  With that said…If you have a tech start up company, or even if you have an idea for one I have great news!

AT&T launched a technology makeover contest on July 13th to help promote their AT&T Small Business InSite.  This web property they have built has expert tips, free courses, productivity tools as well as other resources that are very beneficial to any small business. I have to commend AT&T on this initiative because not only is it a great way to grow awareness of the business services AT&T offers, but give back to the small business community.

Here are some additional details on the contest AT&T is launching:

By entering the contest you have a chance to win a large amount of other prizes as well including: 2 samsung Epix smart phones, 1 year subscription to AT&T’s tech support, 1 year of enhanced Web hosting services, a free consultation with a technology expert and more.

I would encourage all of you out there who have a technology start up or an idea for one to enter the contest by visiting: and to visit the AT&T Small Business InSite to help you grow your small business.


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  1. Glad you like it Randy….Funny to be on the other side of these campaigns 🙂

    We have to catch up. We’ll talk sometime soon. If your in Orlando anytime give me a call and we’ll do lunch.

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