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This video was brought to my attention from a post on Rebeezie’s blog.  The video is a presentation by Stephan Spencer.  In the video he discusses the top mistakes that bloggers make regarding SEO and helpful tips to improve.  I definitely found value out of it, so thought I’d share it with my readers….Enjoy!

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  1. I work for a SEO company and I have never heard anything one way or the other about them. Type in Google alerts in Google and set up new and blog alerts for them. This may help you fish out any good or bad data on them.

  2. Make sure you’re tags are commonly searched and cover the content of your article well. Also, try to include key words in the body of your blog itself.SEO is most important to get search engine traffic.

  3. Great information that Stephan provided, it’s too bad the video was only 30 minutes, haha, wish there was way more time 😀 Great to hear that his daughter is making money via Google adsense. Surprisingly though even after 2 years since this video was made, I was still able to get some good takeaway from it!

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