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  1. Its funny that you made this post about Twitter. I just signed up to Twitter last week and I like what I see so far.

    My twitter grade is a 19! lol. I definitely need to work on improving that in the future.

    Its going to be interesting to see what happens with Twitter. As I said before, I just signed up to the services so I’m unaware of the progress the company has made since they originally launched their services.

    I’m sure Tech Giants are keeping a close eye on the Twitter and thinking of ways to monetize the company’s services.

    My question is how would a company use Twitter as a piece to a larger puzzle?

  2. I honestly can’t say which way it will go when it comes to monetizing, but with that many viewers it is a tantalizing prospect for the developers of Twitter that is for sure. I wonder how many of the Twitterholics would turn their back on Twitter if they were to monetize…seems the community disdains advertisements for the most part (Magpie was panned), only time will tell I guess.


  3. @Mike Harmon…thanks for commenting, glad you like my blog!

    @James….Welcome to twitterville! Twitter is a great tool for networking, building relationships and sharing quality content…Enjoy! Regarding my comment about a larger company using twitter as a piece to a larger puzzle…Twitter has a high amount of users, many of which are influential. Though twitter’s technology can be easily imitated (ex:yammer, twingr, etc) when you have a high amount of users a larger company can usually find some way to either monetize them in a way that fits into their overall company goals. This could be done in multiple ways for instance using user’s contact info to push them a long to another paid service, or incorporating twitter’s technology into one of their existing or future platforms which has a monetization strategy.

    @Randy…Thanks! Nice seeing you last week at IZEA’s retreat.

    @Matt…It seems like people don’t usually take well to ads, however if their ads are highly relevant to the tweet they can actually add value. Word of mouth is so important and if a mixture of advertising and word of mouth can be done correctly I feel all parties will win. Your right though, time will tell if twitter users will actually accept monetization or move onto the next big thing…tough to say for sure

    Thanks for commenting everyone!

  4. People do not come to social networks, especially Twitter (140 char posts), to click on ads.
    An interesting way of monetization would be to make money on Twitter SMs updates. It is simple to create a premium destination for sending SMs to it, and a bit more work to setup service based on mobile terminated billing, so that receving updates gets charged (just like in the USA).

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