Jon Stewart on the Decline of Newspapers

It’s no surprise that newspapers and other publications are having trouble. Their main competition…The internet. In comparison advertising dollars are better spent online for a variety of reasons including that the results are more measurable and the cost is less expensive. I also mentioned a variety of other reasons in my recent post Why Internet Marketing is the way to go in 2009.

Anyway I was recently looking at a blog Newspaper Death Watch and came across a funny video about the decline in newspapers across the country done by John Stewart on the Daily Show and thought I’d share…Enjoy!

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  1. This is interesting because the web has more flexibility on the type of content that become advertisements. Moving animations, videos, and interactive ads all contribute to richer advertising experiences for consumers. On this note, I have also noticed the emergence of background advertisements, or product placement ads where webpages themselves become one big ad. Off the top of my head, Pandora does this and its a creative way to bring rich content to users in the form of ads and is unique in that it goes beyond simple skyscrapers. More creative ads are going to be the future, and there is only so much creativity you can put on print.

  2. Very good point Carl. A couple more sites that utilize the background ads are myspace and SocialSpark. In addition to large background ads and product placement, which could be as subtle as someone wearing a certain brand on their T-shirt in a picture on a site, the emergence of widgets as a means advertising is gaining popularity. Many companies create widgets or games that people have fun playing or find useful which gives repeat and meaningful exposure to the brand.

  3. What surprised me in the beginning (though not anymore) was the level of substance coming out of what sometimes are just one person blogs. I used to assume that mainstream media had more experts on their staff, and thus tend to write more substantial articles. I see though that, while there are some great long articles in some papers, many of the articles coming out just smack of lack of homework. Some blogs on the other hand have great substance, or at least a great angle or opinion on current events.

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