Getting more out of Google as a Research Tool in 2013

There are over 4 billion searches that occur every day on Google. When we search on Google we are looking to learn something, do something or navigate somewhere. Google makes it very easy to conduct a search…simply visit Google.com type in your query and click search. We all have done it, but did you know that there are many other ways to research through Google?

The HackCollege team did a great job preparing the infographic below explaining additional ways to use Google as a research tool. Though the graphic was created with students in mind, I found it very applicable to research in general. The graphic is not only very informative, but well designed and easily digestible. This being the case I thought I’d share it. Very well done guys!

I hope that you have found this infographic to be very beneficial. In addition to the research tips the infographic above suggests, you should also consider exploring “Think with Google” and Google Trends. Think with Google provides industry and consumer research, while Google Trends enables you to see a variety of details related to various keywords searched on Google (including: increase in search queries, locations of search queries, related search queries, trending / hot search queries, etc. It is also important to note that while Google can be used to conduct research, your research should not typically end there. There are many databases, market research companies and industry reports available that can assist you with your research. Nevertheless, Google is a quick and easy way to conduct research and if you choose to research using this method – I hope this helped!

Happy Googling and Happy New Year!!!

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