GroupTable featured on California News Station

Hi Everyone,

This past week GroupTable was featured on a news station in California.  GroupTable is a collaborative software that improves group communication, planning and document management.  GroupTable now has thousands of users all around the world.   In addition to being a founder I was also the CEO of GroupTable for over a year until I took a less day to day role to focus on Brand Advance.  The news segment was well done for the most part and worth sharing.  Enjoy!



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  1. Congrats on the news feature. You must feel quite proud to see something you helped create get that kind of exposure. I know I would be calling up all my friends and family if anything I worked on made it on the news. I’m GroupTable is very useful software that has significantly helped all of its users.

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  3. The case of the officer whose 4th wife is missing and they now determined that his third wife’s death was not accidental, there are killers? Don’t paint the whole house with a dirty brush. Stick the dirtbag in jail and try to ensure the screening process in correct.

  4. David do you know how this tv station found out about GroupTable? I’ve been trying to get more into press releases and creating media buzz, but it can be quite challenging to get the media’s attention.

  5. @laptop Briefcases….Sorry for the delayed response. The news station that picked it up got wind of it because students in their location (even the anchor herself) was using it. The feature really was a surprise though. They didn’t really consult us on putting it together…they took the initiative.

    We did see a slight increase in traffic of a few hundred people. As far as sales go…the GroupTable site is free for students. We sell co-branded or private labeled versions to businesses or organization for sales.

    @bubba Moe…thanks for helping to spread the word!

    @diabetes supply- reach out to people in the media and show them a compelling value or story that they would be eager to share with their audience or write about. Also leverage other media plugs that you’ve received. I would also recommend writing press releases and submitting them yourself to free or paid PR sites to gain exposure

    @All….thanks for commenting guys, sorry for the delayed response on my end!

  6. GroupTable was founded by David Brim, Carl Henderson and Scott Wall at the University of Central Florida and their beta was launched in February, 2008. GroupTable won UCF’s business plan competition and went on to place as finalists in the US national Nascent500 Business Plan Competition.

  7. GroupTable is a web-based software and success network developed specifically to help student groups improve document management, project planning and communication. Once on GroupTable, a group will be able to take advantage of tools such as group to-do lists.

  8. @David: that’s great that it got picked up on its own. You know you have a winning product when people are willing to go out of their way to help promote it on their own. Now you just have more ways of getting people to start using it so that more people get the word out.

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  11. Very happy to learn about this great software “GroupTable”.
    Having very good function and cover almost all table conversation task

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  13. Congratulations on thousands of users all around the world. Very nice software and i hope it will definitely get more success in coming days.

  14. That’s really cool that they featured GroupTable, we’ve used that in our school before, this show must be really really really local because it looks really low budget for prime time TV, hehe.

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