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2010 Internet Marketing Predictions, Trends & Tips

It’s no secret that technology changes extremely fast.  Often times keeping up and implementing trends in technology is like hitting a moving target.  Internet marketing is no different.  From changes in Search Engine Algorithms (like Google’s Caffeine– that had a large roll out following the holidays) to new social media innovations like Posterous…The world of internet marketing has been and will continue to change in 2010. I came across this list on Search Engine Land by Matt McGee listing many different resources discussing predicted changes in various areas of online marketing during 2010.  Enjoy!

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Search Marketing/PPC

Local/Mobile Search

Social Media



General Online Marketing


Have a Safe and Successful 2010!

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  1. Whoa, definitely gonna take me a bit of time to read all those articles 😀 Just looking at he headlines, there are definitely some I want to read! I’ll get to work on that!

    Till then,


  2. I agree with the other poster…an internet survey wouldn’t be statistically accurate. Why don’t you write a proposal and submit it to the NIH or ASA? Or contact local universities to see if they would be willing to do a study or have grad students research it. Just a thought.

  3. Affiliate and network marketing is coming of age in India with so many big names getting into this incredible business. But yes this does require dedication and above all planning. These are not really get rich quick scheme but 1-3 years gives you return more than you have earned and saved your whole life.

  4. There are a lot of people or expert online who know their stuff. Anyhow the problem is like you want apple but you learn from people talking about orange. Usually people don’t realise this until they loss thousand of dollars. Business is about having a biz model. So pick the biz model that suit you better and learn inside out on that model.

  5. SMO and SPO are the latest trends this year in addition to SEO and more information regarding this can be found out through activetrader-links.com where latest trends regarding business and investing are available.

  6. He’s been doing this for several years and knows what he is talking about. I am actually a member of his IM Gold membership and I learn so much every day from it. I have followed a couple other so-called IM “gurus” and they provide you with fluff and don’t give you the facts like Matt does.

  7. A good place to start is with article marketing. There is tons of information on how to start writing articles as a method for driving traffic to your site. Just Google it! This is just one of the many internet marketing strategies that is very commonly used.

  8. There can be many different approaches depending on the product or service you have to offer at your store. Some times pay-per-click is the best approach, some times natural search and some time good old fashioned guerrilla marketing is best.

  9. The Beginner’s Guide to Online Success. It is an honest step-by-step plan to get your first website online with your first product. I guarantee that this book will help you or your money back.

  10. In this year 2010 Google or Major Search Engine Behaviors May be Changed in the higher priority Google had planning to implement the Google Caffeine. So we need to create our campaign according to the S.E There are lots of possible ways to maintain the ranking as well as traffic in this year…

    Watch Google is there going something..


  11. I really want to make some extra money working from home and am interested in learning Internet marketing. I currently stay at home with my two little kids but would be able to devote about 25 hours a week to Internet marketing.

  12. Very Interesting data comparison. It’s intriguing how we’re moving towards tying measurement with socialization. 2010 should witness an explosion in social media & search marketing initiatives.

  13. I currently stay at home with my two little kids but would be able to devote about 25 hours a week to Internet marketing. It’s just that I don’t know where to start.

  14. Wow that’s a great collection of 2010 predictions. I’ll have to go through these all when I have time. I can’t believe it’s already April. I guess I’m a little late on this post.

  15. When you need to get a contact phone number for a company, sometimes it takes a while to get to the right page. Bing will give you the number right on the search results page. No need to even visit the website.

  16. Internet marketing?
    I would like to find a Marketing company that can handle the marketing of my Internet store. I know they have to be out there.
    Anyone have any names or websites that I can check?

  17. well done. I’m impressed with not only the substance of the content in this eBook, but also how the packaging and delivery supports the interests of multiple constituents: readers, contributors, and the sponsor. Great work!

  18. i heard of small internet businesses where people can make money by being online and doing stuff…what is this about? how can i get into something simple without investing money first? can i get a job online where i can work from home and get my payment deposited into an online account?

  19. Everything will be even more personalised with everyone trying to network together through as many networks as possible – even if they are pretty pointless. Mobile Internet is also on the increase.

  20. Say for example 1,000 people follow User A, who in turn follows User B. Even though User B may have just one follower, Google will deem them valuable since his follower is followed widely. That said, Singhal affirms that Google’s system is “definitely” more than a popularity contest. “One user following another in social media is analogous to one page linking to another on the Web,” he said. Group SEO Director Mike Dobbs explores the ramifications of real-time tweets in a recent post on something he calls “doorway tweets.”


  21. Social media has been predicted to essentially become mainstream as has local search, but there are now a few services that combine the two. The big one at the moment is Foursquare (www.foursquare.com). This is part social media, part game, part search and a great marketing opportunity.

  22. Fully agree buddy, technology is changing very fast day by day and search engines daddy Google too. It did lot of changes in its algorithm.
    As Seo growing it becoming more competitive.

  23. sydney car hire, have you heard about Facebook launching a feature similar to Foursquare? I’ve read that it’ll take away a large chunk of business from Foursquare due to their bigger user base.

    Till then,


  24. 2010 Internet Marketing — New Year So Ovesiousaly Strategy would be also new , We are focusing towards google and looks what google chage in his algo..

    Let’s Watch Dude …


  25. Very nice article, i know you will easily achieve all your set targets.
    There’s definitely gonna few changes in search engines strategies and algorithm.

  26. Your blog really very informative and i learn t a lot from it.
    All the posts are rich of information, whenever search engine changing its strategies it make me little confusing to set the whole task again related to them.

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