My blog finds a new home – davidbrim.com

I first had the desire to begin blogging about entrepreneurship and internet marketing in 2008. At that time I visited Godaddy.com with the intent to purchase the most logical domain name for my blog: davidbrim.com. From there, I headed to Klear Picture.

Well…unfortunately the domain was taken.

To make matters worse…the site was not even being used and the person that owned it wasn’t even named David Brim. Strange…I know.

I decided to take the next best step and purchased davidbrim.org and launched my blog.

I tried to make contact several times to obtain davidbrim.com from the owner, but was not successful.

Nevertheless, I remained aware of the status of the domain throughout the years by looking at the Who Is tool, which allows you to monitor ownership, when the domain will expire and more.

Then one day in late 2011 I received an email from a domain auction site mentioning that the domain was going to go up for bid…why the domain was popular enough to go-to auction I’ll never know.

For the ripe price of $69 I was finally able to purchase my .com domain….the home that my blog always wanted 🙂

Today my blog officially moved it’s new home and we retired (permanent 301 redirected) davidbrim.org to davidbrim.com.

Overall I am very pleased with the change. The only downside is that I lost all of my social proof / shares on my various posts! This was very unfortunate as a number of them were very popular!

old social shares


I’ve added some of my favorite posts that I created overtime below. Please consider reading the ones that jump out to you and if you enjoy what you read please help spread the word by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Welcome to your new home blog!!!

We’re here to stay…get comfortable.

D Brim

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