The World is Changing…Are you Prepared? Internet Trends 2013

Many of the entrepreneurs I know, including myself, are guilty at times of working too much in their business instead of on it. The day to day operations sometimes drive us to do what is urgent versus what is truly important. As an entrepreneur it is very important to dedicate time to focus on the big picture. You have to not only have a vision for how your venture will work in the world of today, but also understand and position your venture so it can thrive in the world of tomorrow. By not keeping up with trends you are putting your venture at risk of getting wiped out by a disruptive innovation. If you are paying attention to trends…you could come up with the next disruptive innovation!

While in Kansas City attending the National Economic Gardening conference last week this presentation was brought to my attention. I found it very valuable and wanted to share…

The presentation not only provides a large amount of intriguing stats, but also outlines a variety of significant emerging trends. When change, or movement, occurs there are opportunities for those who are prepared and threats for those who are not.

I plan on being prepared…how about you?

I hope you enjoy this presentation as much as I did.

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