How do you finish this statement?

I was working the other day and was sending an email out.  No big deal right?  Well it was a normal email until I got to the end….I started typing “If you have any questions feel free to…” .  I usually finish this statement with call me or email me, but the person I was emailing was heavily involved in Social Media.  I believe I did end up finishing it with a boring…email or call me.  But then I got to thinking… How many phrases could I have finish that statement with?

Well I thought about it and this is how I could personally finish that statement in regards to ways somebody can reach me:

If you have any questions feel free to…

  • Email Me
  • IM Me
  • Skype me
  • Tweet  @ me
  • DM me on Twitter
  • Text me
  • Call me
  • Send me a Facebook Message
  • Poke me 😉
  • Facebook Chat with Me
  • Gmail Chat with me
  • Message me on LinkedIn

I could get crazy and start adding in many other niche social media sites, or even snail mail.  But seriously..How do you finish that statement?

I’m interested to hear the comments on this

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  1. Ben, That is a great idea. give people as many options to connect with you. They will have the freedom to choose their preferred method 🙂
    love it!!

  2. Oh, Drew why do you put it out there like it’s easy? I read your comment and thought, “Hey, that’s a great idea. Just aggregate all the social networks so I don’t forget one.” Gah.

    You and David owe me about four hours of gathering profile information. Thanks, though – really am glad to have that in one place!

  3. To answer the question you asked of everyone:

    Cell: Phone or Text
    Twitter: DM or @tweet
    Facebook: Message or Facebook Chat
    Adium: AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger
    Skype: Call, IM or Video
    LinkedIn: Message
    Ning: Message

    That’s too many, but hell, I’m available, right?

  4. Drew did make it seem like it wasn’t a problem at all…I’m glad he mentioned Retaggr though it’s a cool and convenient service.

    @Ben atleast nobody can say they didn’t contact you bc they lost your phone number…lol

  5. So as I’m reading this post I’m thinking to myself “I have just the thing! Get a card!” But then I read the comments and I see that @Benspark beat me to it BIG TIME! Good stuff!

    You da man Ben!

    But seriously, Retaggr might be one solution. I don’t use it often, but I do have an account and use it every so often.

  6. Interesting topic. I enjoy getting messages through Blackberry Messenger, “just PIN me!”. I also use groupwise messenger with people from work. There are just too many ways…. for some old school people reading this, I’m sure they can relate to “ping me on IRC”. /ctcp msg carl?

    Anyway, I’m not much into social media but enjoy reading about it when I can. The outlets that everyone has touched on only covers the ones that originated in the U.S. Japan and China have tons more tools. Xanga anyone?

  7. @Ricardo I signed up for retaggr and haven’t used it yet either, I’ll play around with it sometime soon and maybe add it to my email signature, who knows.

    @Carl BB messenger is another one I use on occasion. I had to google what IRC was. I never actually used Xanga before, I think it’s a blogging community like technorati, I could be wrong though.

    The list continues and will keep growing and growing as more and more services come out. We didn’t even mention that usually people have multiple email addresses and screen names, which add to the list.

    Have a happy holiday everyone!

  8. It depends how close I am with the person, usually I would end it with If you have any questions feel free to ask. Or Telephone.

    Till then,


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