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Last week I was going through an old notebook and came across a poem that I wrote seven years ago. A poem? Yes, I know it may sound cheesy, but it was a very therapeutic way for me to express what I was thinking and feeling at the time.

When I read the poem it was like being in a time machine.  I could feel and remember the thoughts I was having.  The need to embrace uncertainty and take a leap of faith.  Thoughts of everything I was leaving and risking…mixed with what I’ve always heard – “More risk…more reward”.  A then ex-girlfriend, now wife, who begged me not to go and didn’t understand why we broke up when things were going so well.  A scholarship I was leaving and stepping away from my first passion, basketball. Parents that were insecure about me pursuing business who desired me to get a safe-job with the contacts they knew in the world of education and much more.

I thought it was very ironic that I found the poem when I did being that the Fall semester at the University of Central Florida starts this upcoming Monday.  This poem was written nearly seven years ago to the date.

After sharing with a few friends they encouraged me to share it with others…I hope you enjoy it!

Little did I know….

  • The great mentors, friends and wonderful contacts that I would meet
  • The lessons I would learn on this journey
  • All the business ventures and ideas that would fail or not be viable enough to pursue further
  • All the business endeavors that would turn out to be successful
  • All the late nights and early mornings that can come from being an entrepreneur
  • All the fun that I would have and continue to have being an entrepreneur
  • The doors that would open by maintaining a positive mindset
  • How one success (or failure) ended up being a stepping stone to something greater
  • The experience I would gain
  • How impactful and valuable my experience at the University of Central Florida would be
  • That I  would win the UCF Business plan competition two times and $17,000
  • That I would have the opportunity to pitch to investors in the back of a limo going around the Indianapolis 500 racetrack at a national business plan competition
  • That I would work for myself before graduating college and later have multiple successful business ventures
  • That I would publish a book based on my experience consulting with over 500 different million dollar companies
  • That I  would build a dream team that I feel so blessed to work with everyday
  • That I would later marry the girlfriend I was leaving back in Pittsburgh to pursue entrepreneurship in Orlando

entrepreneur poem-david-brim


I’d love to hear your feedback.  Can you relate to what I was going through at the time of this poem?  How do you deal with the uncertainties that come with being or the desire to be an entrepreneur?

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  1. Hi Dave, inspiring letter, I must say, evidence that our life is our thoughts, and the word became flesh. I am an astute writer of my thoughts and emotions and stages in my life, all mixed up with my plans and goals for my life, or rather, my instructions from Above. You have listened to your heart and was able to see your vision clearly. Like Ralph Waldo Emerson puts it, when Genius calls I cannot spend time in explanation, I shun mother and wife, sister and brother and write on the lintels of the door, whim! Then you know the world can leave you alone in peace pursue what you came here to do. Quite exciting and amusing that you ended up marrying your ex-girl friend.

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